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We've built a treasured relationship with our creative family and enjoy seeing the special moments captured in our space. To further expand our offerings and appreciation, we're thrilled to announce our AV Club Membership Program! Get ready to elevate your experience with exclusive access and benefits!


Photo credit by Maddie Moore Photo

Membership Tiers

$275 Annual Fee
$375 Annual Fee
Full page website feature
1 free studio hour towards a holiday giveaway
Early access to holiday install bookings
Extended studio hours
Discounted hourly rate (rate applies to holiday season as well)
Private Booking Link

* Membership fees are paid on an annual basis and are subject to change at the beginning of year. Membership fee gives the included benefits for the calendar year in the year purchased, until 12/31. 
* Bookings and memberships are non-transferrable and only available to the individual whom made the purchase.

* Extended studio hours includes Monday - Sunday 7am - 10pm access. 

* Reschedules are not allowed for free studio hours toward holiday giveaway

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