"Using the Lemons from COVID-19 and making the best summer lemonade!"

It's no secret that COVID-19 has come to disrupt life just as we know it. Many life celebrations postponed and maybe even canceled. However, we're not allowing this pandemic to ruin some of life's most treasured memories. After all, what's life without sharing it's most wonderful moments without the presence of family and friends?

Here at Asthetik, we're always thinking forward on how we can best assist our clients with creating beautiful and memorable experiences, while still putting their health and safety first. As we adjust to our new normal & continue social distancing, virtual events is becoming more & more popular. It's a creative way to still celebrate various life accomplishments with loved ones. With that being said, Asthetik is gearing up to offer Event Stream!

Event Stream allows you to connect virtually with your guests via a live stream of your event at Asthetik using a custom URL. Each stream/event is accessible via a link, works with any browser, doesn't require sign-up nor download! And best of all, our team will handle the setup and management of the stream day of to ensure everything flows perfectly!

What's Included:

Event Live Streamed via Custom URL

A custom URL is created specifically for your event that can easily be shared with guests to stream via any personal device

HD Live Audio & Video

HD audio & video streaming, with up to 9 presenters at a time. Guests will be able to share their audio & video, up to your choosing and can be managed during the event.

Customized Stream

Customize your stream to your brand or choosing. Add logos, custom colors and more to create a more personalized experience.


Event recording available to make it available to guests on-demand.

Share Content

Share videos, images, files and more during the event.

Option Facebook Live Stream

Event Stream can also be streamed simultaneously to Facebook through either a private or public event page.

Public & Private Guest Comments

Interact with your guests via comments in a public chat. You also have the availability to create private chats and invite certain guests.

Virtual PhotoBooth

A virtual photobooth that guests can enjoy with customizable backgrounds, GIFs and more!

Call to Action Popups

Trigger popups to sell products or push your guests to take any action. Polls & Quizzes also available.

Event Rehearsal

A scheduled rehearsal to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Tech Support

Our team will be available before and during your event to assist with any technical support needed for you and your guests.


Customize your event even more with the below add-ons available. Cost may vary.

Event Planner & Design

Personalize your event more and take the stress out of planning and allow our trusted vendor to plan and design your event for you!

Event Photography

Allow one of our trusted photography vendors to capture your special moments!

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