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In light of the evolving pandemic surrounding COVID-19, we understand how this affects the ability to celebrate various life events. Although we can't celebrate traditionally today due to social distancing, we are confident we will survive this and the time to celebrate with family and friends will soon be here.

We are always thinking of ways of how we can support our Asthetik Family during these times and we are excited to offer the ability to purchase Gift Cards that can be applied to future events at an extremely LOW RATE!

  • Have an event you're thinking of planning?

  • Know someone whom may be planning a future event? 

  • Would you just like to support Asthetik Bham as a Small Business during COVID-19? 


1. Select the amount of your choosing for the Gift Card


2. If the Gift Card is for someone else other than the person purchasing the card, enter their details in the form (Name/Email/Message)


3. An account will be created with Asthetik using the Gift Card purchased as a credit to be applied towards a future booking


4. If you have an event and date already in mind, let us know when purchasing the Gift Card. If you do NOT have an event/date in mind, no worries! Just let us know when ready!

 5. Once you are ready to apply your Gift Card to an actual event, we will send you (or the recipient) a proposal showing total cost of the event . Your Gift Card will be used as the deposit to secure your date and we will send you a payment schedule for the remaining balance.



  • Do I have to have a date in mind already?


You do not have to have a date in mind to purchase a Gift Card. You will receive priority booking once the State Government allows nonessential businesses to reopen

  • What is priority booking?

We average receiving about 5 inquiries for the same date. Once we have the clear to reopen, we will reach out to all Gift Card holders immediately to make them aware and you will receive priority to book a date prior to all other clients. If you still do not have a date in mind once we reopen, no worries! You will still receive priority booking once you have decided a date.

  • Can i purchase this Gift Card for myself?

Yes, you can purchase the Gift Card for yourself.

  • Do you offer refunds on Gift Card purchases?

We do not offer refunds on Gift Card purchases.

  • Can I give you a date to deliver the message to the Gift Card recipient?

Yes! Be sure to notate in the Gift Card purchase order form.

  • What dates are you accepting event bookings for?

We are accepting event bookings for event dates on/after June 1st, 2020

  • What does an example Gift Card purchase look like?

Ex. Jane Doe purchase $200 Gift Card for herself (no event date in mind)

- An account is created for Jane with Asthetik showing a credit of $200

- Jane receives email that Asthetik will re-open on 05/01 and she has priority booking

- Jane decides to host a dinner with family & friends and checks to see if Sept 19th is available

- Asthetik has 4 other clients interested in booking this date, however, Jane has priority booking

- Jane receives a proposal showing total booking cost less 20% discount. Gift Card purchase will be applied as deposit to total balance due to secure date. 

- Remaining payments will be split into 2 separate payments for Jane 

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